Assistant To Obama Arrested For Shooting At Capitol Police

Assistant To Obama Arrested For Shooting At Capitol Police

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Special Assistant to the President Barvetta Singletary has been arrested after shooting at a Capitol Police officer, who was her lover.

Barvetta Singletary, 37, was arrested for reckless endangerment after her lover denied her use of his cellphone. When he denied her the phone, she grabbed the phone and his service weapon, and shot it at him.

As it turns out, the two had met for a “brief sexual encounter” on Friday, which was normal between the two.

After the “brief sexual encounter,” Singletary asked the officer about another woman he had been with. She asked to use the officer’s phone to search for the other woman. He said no.

According to the police report, Singletary took the phone and his service weapon and said “You taught me how to use this, don’t think I won’t use it.”

Singletary fired one shot. The officer got away and called the police.

According to public records, Singletary made $125,000 in 2014 and worked closely with the President. Her job and career could be in jeopardy if she is found guilty of all charges.

On Monday a White House spokesman commented on Singletary.

“We are aware of the matter and have temporarily placed the employee in question on unpaid leave and revoked her access to the complex until we have more information. We will take additional actions as needed.”

Bravetta Singletary was released from Prince George’s County, Maryland yesterday after posting her $75,000 bond and is expected in court in early September.

Compared to the crimes of Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton and even Obama’s illegal executive orders, it is still unclear if Bravetta Singletary will now get a raise.