Former White House Press Secretary Says Press Biased on Social Issues

Former White House Press Secretary Says Press Biased on Social Issues

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Who is actually shocked by this?

In a recent interview, former White House spokesman, Ari Fleischer said that he believes the press has “an inherent bias towards conflict” and an ideological prejudice “particularly on social issues.”

Fleischer served as President George W. Bush’s press secretary from Jan 2001 to July 2003. He believes that the bias on social issues is primarily against Republicans and conservatives.

“There’s no question about it. The press is an inherent bias towards conflict. In many ways, their first, worst bias,” he said. “But once they’re done with the juicy conflict, they have an ideological bias. Particularly on social issues, which makes it a lot easier to be a Democrat dealing with the press than a Republican.”

Fleisher went on to say that he has a folder that’s already “bulging” with examples of media bias. For him, the latest example was Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ visit to the Mexican border and how it was covered by the media. “Here’s how The Washington Post covered it,” he said, reading directly from the story.

“‘The Trump administration — and Sessions in particular — has taken a hard-line stance on immigration, alarming activists who say U.S. officials are testing legal boundaries and implementing policies contrary to American values.’

“It doesn’t say ‘illegal immigration’ though,” he said. “It conflates it to immigration. [The story cites] four people, all critical of what Sessions did, and does not include one quote of anyone praising what Sessions did.”

Fleischer says this is exactly how the media bias against Republicans works.

“And it’s because newsrooms consist of too many like-minded people. Nobody who read this story thought; ‘Why are we putting four people against him? Isn’t there one person who supports Sessions? Isn’t there two? Aren’t there four?’

“Then why are we complaining it was illegal and legal? Republicans are for legal immigration.”

Fleischer has previously worked as a CNN contributor and can still be seen on several major cable news channels as a guest. As of now, he runs a small public relations company, Fleischer Communications, which has some very large clients, including Major League Baseball, the NFL, and the College Football Playoff.