Why The Pope Is Furious At Obama . . .

Why The Pope Is Furious At Obama . . .

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Things are going to get awkward when President Barack Obama meets Pope Francis next week–due to the guest list Obama has in store.

In a show of incredible disrespect, Obama has invited a group of people who directly stand counter to the Catholic Church’s primary teachings: a pro-abortion nun, a transgender man, an openly gay Episcopal bishop, and two Catholic gay activists, among others.

Mateo Williamson, the former co-chairman of the Transgender Caucus for Dignity USA who was born a woman but now identifies as a gay man, received an invite to the White House.

As did Gene Robinson, the now-retired Episcopal bishop who came out in 2003, as they first openly gay bishop in America.

And Sister Simone Campbell, an abortion activist who famously sparred against Catholic bishops over ObamaCare in 2009, will also be invited both to listen to Francis’s speech to Congress and to the private reception hosted by the White House.

Pope Francis has loosened some of the more stringent and, at times, dated rules of Catholic Church–but he’s not nearly as liberal as liberals like to think. Under Francis, the Catholic Church remains unshakably pro-life–and the Pope himself once compared gay marriage to the work of the devil.

Sticking a finger in the eye of both the pope–and American Catholics who support his teachings–is an unprecedented insult.

While Obama is certainly able to invite anyone who he wants to a reception in his own house with a foreign head of state, he’s clearly forgotten that the pope is the spiritual leader of the plurality of Americans.