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Chris Christie
Yo' governor is sooo fat, when he want to the beach - he was the only one that got a tan!

On July 1st, a New Jersey budgetary bill over state health insurer Blue Cross, had caused a budgetary stand-off which had reached such a boiling point that governor Chris Christie had declared a state emergency.

Shutting down all non-essential state services, Christie had thrown a shot at key opponents of the bill, stating,

“If they send me a budget today the shutdown would be over. The legislature is deciding not to send me either budget.”

With a massive infrastructure of state employees, public parks, beaches and historical sites now out of commission, assembly speaker Vincent Prieto had stated that governor Christie had shut off communication channels and was only willing to deal if the bill he wanted was put back on the table.

The frustrated democratic representative went on to state, “This is almost like extortion.”

So, in the midst of a full blown constitutional crisis with a vita health care bill on the table to negotiate, governor Christie decided to do what any committed politician would in the circumstance: Visit one of New Jersey’s fine public beaches, and enjoy a relaxing day with his friends and family. Never mind that the safety and well-being of his constituents was at stake. Or that he himself had decided the budgetary crisis to be too vital to allow such frivolous services to remain open to the rest of the state on a beautiful fourth of July weekend. The governor had decided that the shutdown didn’t apply to him or his family.

It just so happens that veteran photo journalist Andrew Mills, more used to catching snapshots of criminals and fugitives, had decided to set his long lens on the Christie private residence.

“It wasn’t difficult to find him. There Christie was, with family and friends, on a long and empty stretch of beach near the governor’s shore residence, nobody else within a country mile.” States Mills in an article for nj.com.

From Mills’ account, it seems that governor Christie was well aware of the situation. Mills says, “In one photo, Christie looks me dead in the eye.”

Yet at no point does he seem to betray even the slightest bit of worry, at being caught in such a position.

Once the photos started to take off on the internet, the reaction was swift and merciless.


Chris Tierney, a New Jersey native who had made her way down to the beach as she does every fourth of July said, “I’ve never seen this beach this quiet.”

With the governor already experiencing record-low approval ratings of 15%, with scandals such as Bridgegate still plaguing his administration, the horrible optics of this fiasco were impossible to ignore. The governor just didn’t seem to care how he was being presented to the people of New Jersey.

He arrived back in Trenton on a helicopter paid for by the taxpayers, the same helicopter he had been using to shuttle himself back and forth to his private residence all through the shutdown. The first thing he was met with, after getting back, were questions regarding his day at the beach.

He responded to one reporter by stating, “I didn’t get any sun today.”

Maybe you could forgive that statement as a snap reply to a gotcha question, but later on Christie’s spokesman Brian Murray doubled down by joking, “Yes, the governor was on the beach briefly today talking to his wife and family before heading into the office. He did not get any sun – he had a baseball hat on.”

In case you had any doubts about an apology being on its way, Christie further stated regarding the incident, “That’s the way it goes. Run for governor, and you can have the residence.”

“I don’t apologize for it. I don’t back away from it.”

So as we celebrate this great nation’s ideals of justice and freedom, equality for all. Do remember that it may not apply to you unless you are the governor.


At least the bill got signed.

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The New Jersey State Assembly passed a bill to raise the sales age for tobacco products to 21.

This move follows Hawaii, which became the first state in history to require tobacco buyers to be 21 or above.

The New Jersey bill, that has already passed the Senate, is not in the hands of New Jersey Governor and presidential candidate Chris Christie.

Here’s Christie’s personal story of nicotine addiction, “My mother was a smoker. She smoked her whole life, she was addicted to nicotine” Christie exclaimed. “She tried everything she could to quit. She had the gum, the patches, hypnosis, she tried everything. She couldn’t quit.”

It’s likely that Gov. Christie will sign the bill and take away the right of young adults to make their own mistakes in life.

The move is similar to other “nanny state” legislation such as Bloomberg’s move to ban Big Gulps in New York due to the sugar content. Bloomberg was also successful in raising the smoking age to 21 in the city.

The argument over the drinking age and military service is one that may not compare as all military bases allow members of the military, regardless of age, to purchase at least beer and wine while on base.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel is also looking to raise the sales age for tobacco to 21.

The movement is also gaining ground in the state of Washington.

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liberal media

MSNBC host Chris Matthews is offended that Republican Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey would dare to call ISIS terrorists “animals.”

“And also, animals!” fumed Matthews. “I mean, call them what they are, bad people. But what’s this ‘animal’ thing that Christie’s throwing around?”

Instead of animals, Matthews suggested that Christie use the term “bad guys” to ISIS.

ISIS routinely beheads its own people, as well as Middle Eastern Christians and any Western journalist they can get their hands on. And, from a liberal perspective, ISIS has even more of a record of atrocity when it comes to so-called “marginalized” groups, like women and gays.

Instead, Matthews used Christie’s comments to continue a demonization of all Republicans, rather than the lethal terrorist group that seems to get stronger every day:

“Republicans now say it’s okay to hate Muslims,” Matthews said. “I mean, when you hear carpet bombing, there’s no way to hear that from [Sen. Ted] Cruz without knowing a lot of regular people that just happen to live in those geographical areas will die because you’re carpet bombing. You’re not going after the bad guys, you’re killing everybody that’s there.”

Contrary to Matthews’s claims, it’s not “Republicans” who say that it’s “okay to hate Muslims.”

Even if Donald Trump’s controversial ban on having Muslims enter the United States is considered “haste,” every single other major Republican presidential candidate has attacked the ban—calling it everything from unconstitutional to wrongheaded to just plain racist.

Matthews, who famously felt a “tingle” up his leg the first time he heard Barack Obama speak, has long been unfair to Republicans. His left-leaning network, MSNBC, has hardly been better.

But it’s a sad day in the mainstream media when a major host on a major news outlet thinks that politicians should try to stay away from hurting the feelings of savage terrorists.

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