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Suspicious Death
When do things stop being just strange coincidences, and start to become a pattern? Asking for a friend.

A recent story released by the Wall Street Journal ties the sudden death in May of Republican operative with him having a key role in retrieving Hillary Clinton’s e-mails from Russian hackers.

Peter W. Smith, 81, killed himself on 14th May with a plastic bag over his head a helium source, and left behind a suicide note, only two weeks after his interview with a reporter from The Wall Street Journal and six weeks before the story was published. His cause of death was listed as “asphyxiation due to displacement of oxygen in confined space with helium.”

The report by the Journal further reveals that the Smith had gathered a time to work on obtaining emails that they believe were stolen from the private sever that Clinton has been using during her term as the secretary of stated. Smith indicated that he was in search of more than 30,000 emails that Clinton had claimed that she had delated as they were in relation to matters very personal to her. Smith mentioned that he believed that the Russian hackers had something to do with the missing emails, and him and his team targeted hackers that had the possibility of having ties with the Russian government.

The story uncovering Smith’s role in obtaining Clinton’s emails indicated that he was a key source in the Hillary Clinton email controversy, and that he had reached out to dozens of hacking groups, with al teat two of them having ties with the Russian government.

“We knew the people who had these were probably around the Russian government,” Smith stated.

In his interview, Smith claimed that although he wasn’t working for the then presidential nominee Trump. However, it has been noted that he used Michael Flynn’s name in trying to extract information from the groups of hackers. Eric York, a computer-security expert told the journal that Smith said, “I’m talking to Michael Flynn about this—if you find anything, can you let me know?”

While, Smith’s death has many questions linked to it, and it has been noted that Smith had published two blogs on the day of his death, one of which went on to challenge the findings presented by the United States Intelligence Agency that indicate that Russia interfered with the 2016 presidential elections.

According to the police, Smith’s suicide note revealed that Smith had taken his life due to a “recent bad turn in health since January, 2017” and because his some $5 million life insurance was due to expire soon. The note further indicated that there was no foul play whatsoever” that lead him to commit suicide.

The reporter from the Journal on the other hand mentioned that Smith had expressed “no indication that was ill or planning to take his own life,” during their interview and so, his death came as a surprise to all. “When I spoke to Peter Smith I had no indication that he was ill or planning to take his own life,” tweeted Shane Harris, from the Journal.

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Green Kickback
I'm beginning to realize why all these political environmental schemes are really called "Green."

An electric car company that folded after taking millions of taxpayer dollars was founded by Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, the chairman of Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign and former Democratic National Committee (DNC) chair, but the mainstream media is ignoring this pertinent fact. The Mississippi-based company, GreenTech, shut down in January but is back in the spotlight because this week the state’s auditor demanded the firm repay $6.4 million in public funds. Only a small Richmond, Virginia newspaper prominently reported McAuliffe’s ties to the scandal, stating in the headline that “Mississippi auditor demands $6.4M repayment from McAuliffe’s former electric car company.”

Most mainstream news outlets ignored the story altogether and a few kept McAuliffe’s name out the minimal coverage. Washington D.C.’s mainstream newspaper went with a lengthy wire service story that matter-of-factly mentions McAuliffe in the very last sentence. “Among former insiders is Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe,” the end of the article states. “He resigned as the firm’s chairman in December 2012 and said he divested his interest.” How convenient! The article omits that, as GreenTech founder, McAuliffe brokered the deal in which the company got millions in public funds by promising to invest $60 million locally and creating hundreds of new full-time jobs. That never happened and instead taxpayers got fleeced. Now Mississippi State Auditor Stacey Pickering is ordering that the money be repaid with interest and investigative costs. The exact figure is $6,360,019.60.

McAuliffe is a renowned Democratic fundraiser who made a fortune with shady investments in a telecommunications giant that went bankrupt. He started his fundraising career in Jimmy Carter’s 1979 reelection campaign and has raised big bucks for Democrats over the years, but not without controversy. McAuliffe was investigated for campaign-finance abuses during the 1996 presidential election and was deposed by the Senate committee investigating the matter. In 2002 the Virginia governor was investigated for his role in an unprecedented case of political profiteering for turning a $100,000 investment in telecommunications giant Global Crossings into an $18 million profit. The company later made the fourth-largest bankruptcy filing in history and McAuliffe insisted he only did “political work” for the company’s founder who, incidentally, donated $1 million to Bill Clinton’s Presidential Library.

In 2013, McAuliffe appeared on Judicial Watch’s most corrupt politicians list and last year Judicial Watch sued the governor on behalf of Virginia voters for signing an executive order to restore voting rights to about 206,000 convicted felons. In court proceedings, Judicial Watch argued that the blanket restoration of rights to felons violates “provisions of the Virginia Constitution mandating that voting rights may only be restored on an individual basis, following a particular, individualized review and a finding of sufficient grounds for restoring such rights.” Plaintiffs alleged that their votes and the lawful votes of other Virginians will be cancelled out or diminished by felons who are not eligible to vote under Virginia’s laws and constitution.

Though his pals in the mainstream media are keeping his name out of the GreenTech scandal, McAuliffe could still be in serious trouble. The Virginia paper that reported his key role in the bankrupt electric car company points this out: “McAuliffe’s office has said the governor has had no involvement with the company since stepping down as its chairman and divesting his financial stake. But the escalating standoff in Mississippi raises the likelihood that the business deal McAuliffe brokered could be headed toward a bitter end in court. Ending his four-year term as governor with a higher national profile and record as an exuberant pitchman for Virginia, GreenTech’s unraveling could dog McAuliffe amid speculation about a 2020 presidential bid.”

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Chris Christie
Yo' governor is sooo fat, when he want to the beach - he was the only one that got a tan!

On July 1st, a New Jersey budgetary bill over state health insurer Blue Cross, had caused a budgetary stand-off which had reached such a boiling point that governor Chris Christie had declared a state emergency.

Shutting down all non-essential state services, Christie had thrown a shot at key opponents of the bill, stating,

“If they send me a budget today the shutdown would be over. The legislature is deciding not to send me either budget.”

With a massive infrastructure of state employees, public parks, beaches and historical sites now out of commission, assembly speaker Vincent Prieto had stated that governor Christie had shut off communication channels and was only willing to deal if the bill he wanted was put back on the table.

The frustrated democratic representative went on to state, “This is almost like extortion.”

So, in the midst of a full blown constitutional crisis with a vita health care bill on the table to negotiate, governor Christie decided to do what any committed politician would in the circumstance: Visit one of New Jersey’s fine public beaches, and enjoy a relaxing day with his friends and family. Never mind that the safety and well-being of his constituents was at stake. Or that he himself had decided the budgetary crisis to be too vital to allow such frivolous services to remain open to the rest of the state on a beautiful fourth of July weekend. The governor had decided that the shutdown didn’t apply to him or his family.

It just so happens that veteran photo journalist Andrew Mills, more used to catching snapshots of criminals and fugitives, had decided to set his long lens on the Christie private residence.

“It wasn’t difficult to find him. There Christie was, with family and friends, on a long and empty stretch of beach near the governor’s shore residence, nobody else within a country mile.” States Mills in an article for nj.com.

From Mills’ account, it seems that governor Christie was well aware of the situation. Mills says, “In one photo, Christie looks me dead in the eye.”

Yet at no point does he seem to betray even the slightest bit of worry, at being caught in such a position.

Once the photos started to take off on the internet, the reaction was swift and merciless.


Chris Tierney, a New Jersey native who had made her way down to the beach as she does every fourth of July said, “I’ve never seen this beach this quiet.”

With the governor already experiencing record-low approval ratings of 15%, with scandals such as Bridgegate still plaguing his administration, the horrible optics of this fiasco were impossible to ignore. The governor just didn’t seem to care how he was being presented to the people of New Jersey.

He arrived back in Trenton on a helicopter paid for by the taxpayers, the same helicopter he had been using to shuttle himself back and forth to his private residence all through the shutdown. The first thing he was met with, after getting back, were questions regarding his day at the beach.

He responded to one reporter by stating, “I didn’t get any sun today.”

Maybe you could forgive that statement as a snap reply to a gotcha question, but later on Christie’s spokesman Brian Murray doubled down by joking, “Yes, the governor was on the beach briefly today talking to his wife and family before heading into the office. He did not get any sun – he had a baseball hat on.”

In case you had any doubts about an apology being on its way, Christie further stated regarding the incident, “That’s the way it goes. Run for governor, and you can have the residence.”

“I don’t apologize for it. I don’t back away from it.”

So as we celebrate this great nation’s ideals of justice and freedom, equality for all. Do remember that it may not apply to you unless you are the governor.


At least the bill got signed.

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Make it rain!

Democratic Rep. Emanuel Cleaver’s former staffer, who was also later identified as an adviser to him, was found to have been paid $2.2 million from the congressman’s campaign funds.

Cleaver’s ex-staffer, Phil Scaglia, made millions of dollars for himself from Cleaver for Congress, the Missouri congressman’s campaign committee, between 2004 and 2016.

Scaglia also worked as a chief of staff for former Dem Rep. Karen McCarthy (D., Mo.) from 2000 to 2003. According to the Missouri secretary of state records, Scaglia incorporated Powerful Performance Solutions Inc. in July 2013.

Scaglia then began receiving payments to his firm from Rep. Cleaver’s campaign committee for his work in the election cycle back in 2004. The firm was paid $142,506 throughout the cycle by Rep. Cleaver’s campaign.

Then, Cleaver’s office paid Scaglia $98,000 in 2006. According to records at the Center for Responsive Politics, his firm, Powerful Performance Solutions Inc. was paid an additional $139,631 by Cleaver’s campaign committee during the 2006 election cycle.

In 2007, Scaglia’s pay increased to $101,000 in Cleaver’s congressional office. According to figures from Legistorm, Scaglia pulled in $12,000 in salary and “other compensation” for a single day of work, in early 2008. He then left Cleaver’s office on January 02.

Powerful Performance was paid $333,783 by Cleaver’s campaign committee during the 2008 and 2010 cycles. Later in 2012, payments to Scaglia’s firm increased significantly to $728,626. Even though Scaglia had left Cleaver’s office years earlier, he was identified as an adviser to the congressman in 2013, by the Kansas City Star.

With the exception of just one election cycle, Powerful Performance Solutions Inc. was identified as the highest paid vendor by Cleaver’s campaign. After a thorough search of disbursements data on the Federal Election Commission’s website, Scaglia’s firm has only received payments from Cleaver for Congress.

Apart from owning Powerful Performance Solutions, Scaglia also owned a state-level lobbying company while working for Cleaver’s office in Missouri.

Cleaver’s office did not respond to requests for a comment on whether Scaglia was still working as an adviser to the congressman.

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Our government at work.

In a new report, watchdog group Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) has alleged that the IRS has been taking millions of dollars from businesses for no wrongdoing. The report says that the IRS has been using asset forfeiture to take the money legally without any charges.

The investigation was initiated in 2014, after numerous lawsuits were filed by libertarian-leaning law firm, Institute for Justice, over the IRS seizing savings of several business for the violation of anti-structuring policies.

According to Reason, an editorially independent publication of the Reason Foundation, structuring rules are implemented to stop money launderers from dodging federal banking policies by depositing under $10,000. The IRS took the actions of small deposits by small and medium businesses as crime, even though there was no evidence to support the theory that the anti-structuring rule was being violated.

The IRS ended up seizing around $17 million from bank accounts of business owners, who, in over 90 percent of the cases, had committed no crime. Furthermore, the report by TIGTA found that investigating authorities violated several internal policies, including the improper notification of rights to those being interviews, and inappropriately bargaining to resolve cases with threats.

Between fiscal years 2012 and 2014, the money seized and forfeited by the IRS was legally acquired in 91 percent of a sample of 278 structuring cases the TIGTA reviewed, the report found. The amount totaled $17.1 million and involved 231 cases.

“That is just a shocking, shocking statistic,” an attorney at the Institute for Justice, Robert Johnson, says. “It shows the cases we’ve been bringing are not isolated incidents by any stretch of the imagination. This is the bread and butter of what the IRS has been doing for years.”

TIGTA also learned that in 54 cases, property owners gave valid explanations for why their deposits did not exceed $10,000. However, in a majority of those cases, there was no proof that IRS had investigated their explanations.

Additionally, TIGTA learned “that in at least 37 cases the Government bargained nonprosecution in order to resolve the civil forfeiture.” In simple words, the IRS
In addition, the inspector general found evidence “that in at least 37 cases the Government bargained nonprosecution in order to resolve the civil forfeiture.” In other words, by threatening to file criminal charges, the IRS leveraged its civil forfeiture cases.

While the backlash was enough to get the IRS to make serious changes to its policies in 2014, the true extent of the damage before the deceit was uncovered by the media, was only just released.

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Just sad all around.

After admitting to the Alcorn County Sheriff’s Department and the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation of molesting minors, Tishomingo Police Officer Russ Robinson committed suicide on March 24.

Both departments had questioned the 53-year-old officer regarding allegations that he had molested a 17-year-old boy after asking him to pull over. Only a day after the questioning, Robin was found dead, in his home in the Crossroads Community, of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

While it wasn’t the first that he had been accused of child molestation, it was perhaps the first time that authorities had decided to finally take action against him.

A few years prior to the latest incident, Robinson reportedly left his part time job at a grocery store in Iuka after being accused of molestation. Whne asked if Robinson had been fired or had left on his own, owner of the grocery store, Davis Brooks responded, saying, “I don’t want to comment. That’s private information.”

Robinson began working for the Tishomingo Police Department in 2015 when he left the Tishomingo County Sheriff’s Department after a new sheriff was elected.

Tishomingo Police Chief Mike Kemp has said that he was aware that authorities were questioning Robinson about allegations of molestation on March 23.

“(The allegations of molestation) happened in another county,” he said. “I knew he wasn’t charged.”

Kemp said Robinson was working at the police department at the time of his death. When asked about Brooks Grocery, Kemp stated Robinson was not fired from there.

“There were some innuendoes,” he said. “We determined that he resigned from Brooks Grocery. I don’t think there was any molesting. Certainly no charges were made.” There were however, rumors that Robinson had something inappropriate. “Nobody ever contacted us or said anything,” he said. “I had heard the rumor, but until I had concrete information, there was nothing I could do.”

Even after his death, authorities are investigating Robinson’s activities. His computer has been seized and Brooks has also confirmed that Robinson had indeed molested a young male at the store. The video footage from the store’s surveillance camera had also been turned over to the sheriff’s office.

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A Florida congressman with a long history of deceit and corruption is in hot water again for giving his girlfriend the maximum taxpayer salary for five consecutive years to work in a field office. Judicial Watch has a lengthy history of exposing the veteran lawmaker’s transgressions and years ago sued him on behalf of a female employee that he repeatedly harassed. His name is Alcee Hastings and he’s one of only six federal judges to be impeached by Congress and removed from the bench. As a federal judge, Hastings got busted in a scandal involving the solicitation of a $150,000 bribe in return for “favorable treatment for defendants in a racketeering case before him.” The disgraced judge was an unindicted co-conspirator, but there was enough evidence against him for Congress to boot him from the bench.

As a federal legislator, Hastings has continued his corrupt ways, committing a multitude of misdeeds that include mixing work with romance. Judicial Watch represented a female employee named Winsome Packer who was repeatedly subjected to “unwelcome sexual advances, unwelcome touching” and retaliation by Hastings when he chaired the United States Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe. For over two years, from January 2008 through February 19, 2010, Packer was forced to endure unwelcome sexual advances, crude sexual comments, and unwelcome touching by Hastings while serving as the Representative of the Commission to the United States Mission to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe. Although Packer repeatedly rejected Hastings’ sexual attention and complained about the harassment to the Commission Staff Director, Fred Turner, Hastings refused to stop sexually harassing her. Instead, the congressman and Turner retaliated against Packer—including making threats of termination—because she continued to object to Hastings’ conduct. The 2011 suit, filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, led to a House Ethics Committee probe.

Nepotism has also been pervasive in Hastings’ congressional office as Judicial Watch has been reporting for years. Back in 2012 a government watchdog released the findings of a probe that revealed Hastings had paid his girlfriend/deputy district director more than half a million dollars in salary and other expenses. The girlfriend, Patricia Williams, is an attorney that defended Hastings during his shameful impeachment trial. For the last five years, Hastings has paid Williams $168,411 a year, the highest congressional salary permitted, to work in his south Florida field office. That’s more than the congressman’s chief of staff in Washington, D.C., which is typically the highest paid position in a congressional office. Under House rules, members aren’t supposed to hire family but Hastings says that doesn’t apply to him because he’s not legally married to Williams and he’s not related to her.

This month a government watchdog filed a complaint with the Office of Congressional Ethics requesting an investigation into the girlfriend’s lucrative government salary, the highest in his staff. Since 2000, Hastings has paid his gal pal $2.4 million from taxpayer coffers, the complaint points out. “A member’s personal ties to an employee obviously raises concerns of favoritism or unjust payment from United States Treasury funds,” the complaint states. “In this case, even though the personal relationship is not prohibited, there is a close personal relationship between Hastings and Williams.” The lawmaker’s girlfriend earning the maximum salary allowed by law though she isn’t a congressional chief of staff that generally has the most responsibilities indicates serious ethical concerns, the complaint says.

Attached to the document as an exhibit is a news article published earlier this month by a conservative Washington D.C. newspaper (the mainstream media has been noticeably quiet regarding this scandal.) Titled “Rep. Alcee Hastings Maxes Out Girlfriend’s Salary for Fifth Straight Year,” the story also reveals that the congressman employs his girlfriend’s daughter and a woman convicted of money laundering. The woman, Dona Nichols-Jones, is the wife of a former Hastings staffer named Mikel Jones, the article says. In 2011 the husband-and-wife team got convicted of money laundering, conspiracy and fraud for using $600,000 from a business loan for personal use. They created shell companies and fake invoices then used the cash to pay off credit cards, buy groceries and tickets to sporting events.

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A day before the presidential inauguration, a major U.S. county slapped employees with a stern warning about their obligations under local sanctuary policies that protect illegal immigrants. In a two-page memo obtained by Judicial Watch, officials in San Francisco reminded all city and county workers of their duties under the county’s longtime measures shielding illegal aliens from deportation. It appears that the document was issued as a preemptive strike against President Donald Trump’s hardline on illegal immigration.

“All people seeking or receiving City services must be treated with equal dignity, respect for human rights, and due process under the law, regardless of immigration status,” the memo states. “This includes informing them of their rights and access to services, as well as giving out general and/or translated information on services and programs that is timely, accurate and complete.” The memo, issued on official City and County of San Francisco letterhead and disseminated by Human Resources Director Micki Callahan, acknowledges that federal law prohibits local government entities or officials from restricting information regarding the citizenship or immigration status of any individual.

Nevertheless, the Bay Area government document states that city and county employees acting in their official capacities may not use city funds or resources to assist or cooperate with any investigation, detention, or arrest procedures conducted by federal immigration authorities and relating to alleged violations of the civil provisions of federal immigration law. The new memo further outlines the other provisions of the county’s sanctuary statute, including forbidding workers from denying illegal aliens city or county benefits on the condition of immigration status and banning them from requesting or giving out information regarding the release status of an immigrant. San Francisco public employees are also prohibited from responding to a federal immigration officer’s request for notification of an individual’s release, presumably because they have been earmarked for removal.

“It’s important to make sure all City employees are aware of these rules,” the memo, which is dated January 19, 2017, states. “Departments may include education on the City’s sanctuary city laws in regular employee trainings and orientations based on templates that will be established by the Office of Civil Engagement and Immigrant Affairs (OCEIA).” San Francisco officials end the document by conceding that it’s not a substitute for legal advice and that “state and federal law may impose additional obligations.”

Just days before the memo was distributed an illegal immigrant with a drunk-driving conviction sued San Francisco city police and county sheriff for turning him into immigration authorities after his car got stolen. The man, Pedro Figueroa Zarceno, was convicted of driving drunk in 2012, a local newspaper reports, and has an outstanding warrant for his deportation from more than 10 years ago. In his lawsuit, Zarceno claims that he plans to file for asylum, citing violence in his native El Salvador. In the article his pro bono attorney said that Zarceno was the victim of a crime who should have been protected by San Francisco’s sanctuary ordinance. “With an incoming federal administration threatening mass deportations and targeting sanctuary cities,” the attorney, Saira Hussain said, “we must hold SFPD and the Sheriff’s Department accountable and ensure that every single officer is following the city’s due process protections.”

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WikiLeaks has released a constant flow of damming information against Hillary but one email from Robby Mook outlines how she uses her power to corrupt.

Robby Mook is Hillary’s campaign manager and in an email to John Podesta that was leaked by WikiLeaks he outlines how Hillary takes money from corporations to abandon American values.

The email released discussed a venue in China that was planned to share American thoughts and ideals on freedom of speech and our democracy, but she sacrificed the meaning for the cash.

Read the email below.

While Clinton was still Secretary of State, she was put in charge of finding money for the United States Pavilion at the World’s Fair in Shanghai in 2010.

She got it funded by huge donations from major corporations, but what was the trade off?

Instead of focusing on the American values, she took money from big corporations to build the venue at the World’s Fair and allowed them to create the displays, which turned out to be focused on corporate marketing.

Robby Mook clearly says in this email, “In her haste to help herself and her corporate allies, Clinton forgot the purpose of American participation in events like the expo.”

He even said that the businesses that donated “received favorable treatment from the State Department.”

It is clear that even her closest allies think she sells out American values at every opportunity where she can make some money.

Does this email and Hillary’s corruption play a role in how you will vote? Let us know in the comments below.

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An Obama ally embroiled in a corruption scandal as a big-city mayor is using a controversial foreign visa program determined by Homeland Security officials to be plagued with “crippling fraud and national security vulnerabilities” to raise millions of dollars for his company. Hundreds of foreigners, mainly from China, are expected to bankroll a skyscraper project via the EB-5 program that provides visas and a path to American citizenship for foreign nationals that invest $1 million in the U.S.

In this case, former longtime Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley and his son are asking the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to let them solicit $150 million from foreign investors by using the EB-5 visa program. Chicago’s conservative newspaper published an investigative piece this week after obtaining hundreds of pages of government records. Though the documents were “heavily redacted,” there was enough information to cause alarm, especially after connecting the dots between the president and the disgraced former mayor. During Daley’s tenure more than 30 city workers, including two senior administrators close to the mayor, and contractors got federally indicated for taking bribes. A dozen cabinet-level officials also resigned in the fiasco.

When Obama became president, he hired some of Daley’s top people, including David Axelrod, who was the Chicago mayor’s chief consultant, and Valerie Jarrett, his former deputy chief of staff. In his ill-fated effort to bring the 2016 Olympics to his adopted hometown of Chicago, Obama deployed Jarrett, a senior White House advisor, to the Windy City to work out the details with Daley. Judicial Watch investigated the scandal and had to sue to uncover records involving the president’s costly plan to bring the Olympics to Chicago. This included a trip to Copenhagen by Obama and his wife to appeal to the International Olympic Committee to give Chicago the bid that went to Rio de Janeiro. Four years and millions of dollars in planning came to an abrupt halt in the Windy City, where local leaders—including Daley—and politically-connected business owners were banking on Obama’s star power to bring the games home.

Now we have Daley, a powerful figure in the Democratic Party and Chicago’s longest serving mayor (the city has no term limits so he served 22 years), using his political connections to benefit his private business. The company seeking to lure foreign investors with U.S. visas is called Tur Partners and Daley owns it with his son Patrick. The records obtained by the Chicago newspaper say the father-and-son conglomerate wants to build a downtown skyscraper and their DHS application was submitted on September 22, 2015. The application shows that each would put up half a million dollars for the skyscraper project and pay a $50,000 administrative fee that would bring the Daleys’ company $15 million, the article states. “In return, the foreigners would be eligible to be granted visas allowing them and their immediate families to move to the United States and live here forever,” the story says. Of interesting note is that the Daleys will also collect an additional $50,000 from each investor to “cover the costs of offering migration services and marketing fees.”

The shady Daley project comes to light following a series of widespread problems surrounding the EB-5 visa program, which was created more than two decades ago to ignite economic development in rural areas and has come under bipartisan attack in recent years. Just last month a U.S. senator who sits on the Judiciary Committee reminded Congress that years ago an interagency working group consisting of DHS and other federal agencies with national security responsibilities recommended discontinuing the EB-5 visa program. The panel cited “rampant exploitation” in the program as well as “widespread fraud and national security concerns.” Additionally, the Government Accountability Office (GAO), the investigative arm of the U.S. Congress, has determined that the EB-5 visa program is susceptible to fraud and that its economic benefits are questionable.

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