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Stern Talk
So, you know what they say about the Trump Train - get on board, or get hit...

This Monday’s, on Fox News, Katrina Pierson gets badly slammed by Fox News host Neal Cavuto, in her efforts to accuse Heller of “governing as a Democrat.”

Pierson is amongst the group that is running ads against Sen. Dean Heller and was of the view that the group solely targeted Heller of his opposition to the President’s Healthcare plan.

“This is the one thing that particularly Republican primary voters care most about…” Katrina stated.

“Wait a minute Katrina,” Cavuto intervened, “He’s looking at something that isn’t markedly different than the one it replaces, he’s he’s just saying I think we can do better, right?”

“And we probably can do better,” she responded, “but here’s the thing…”

“You’re already threatening the guy,” he exclaimed, “saying ‘if you go ahead with this we’re gonna primary your ass,’”

“Obamacare is gone, one way or the other,” she retorted, “Republicans did not have a plan to put up at the very beginning, there is a plan now. This is a vote to move the process forward, this is not the actual plan that’s going to be in place, they’re making revisions as we speak.”

Cavuto responded, “but how can you do that under the threat of ‘we’re gonna primary you if you don’t go along with what we say’? That sounds like a bad Tony Soprano episode.”

“Well actually, it’s just an accountability issue,” Pierson argued.

“You won’t have accountability for all these others and you don’t,” Cavuto said, “You have accountability for him because he’s the most vulnerable. That’s not fair, that’s not right, and you know it.” He then went on to list five other senators that had claimed to not support the bill.

“It looks like you’re picking and choosing who you wanna screw here, and it looks like this guy is fair game!” Cavuto concluded. “And you either go along with us, or we’re going to primary you out, even if it means risking losing the Senate in the process. You oughta look at cutting off your nose to spite your face.”

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Antifa Rioter
"Hello, fellow citizens, I am here to calmly discuss how to preserve the Founder's vision of a Constitutional Republic"

On Saturday, Fox News correspondent pro said that congressmen should now consider changing the way they have been campaigning and interacting with their constituents, by halting town hall meetings, at least temporarily.

Rivera spoke about the political climate of the country, which seems to be quite dangerous and heated, especially following the attack on Republican congressmen at a baseball practice in Virginia. The shooting injured five people, including House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, who continues fighting for his life at the Medstar Washington Medical Center. Rivera discussed his views on the show “Fox and Friends” on Fox News.

“I think Congress has to rethink these town hall meetings right now,” Rivera told the “Fox and Friends” hosts. “Unless they get the kind of security you get at an airport, with Gabby Giffords and now what happened with Steve Scalise, I think you’ve really got to understand that there is a kind of an urgent, aberrant, emotional involvement now, and for right now, we’ve got to cool it. We’ve got to be hyper-aware that our elected officials are vulnerable.”

The show’s co-host Pete Hegseth also asked Rivera whether he thought town hall meetings, which have been a part of the American political process, are an important part of campaigning and the democratic system, and whether it is much more important for the Democrats and the progressives to tone down the harsh rhetoric they have adopted against the Republicans and conservatives in general.

“I think those are lovely thoughts, Steve,” Rivera said. “But I think it’s gone too far. Now, you have a special counsel. Now, you almost have a shadow government. Now, you have [special counsel Robert] Mueller, with enormous power, enormous responsibility. He’s going to be looking, you know, in some ways — and I in no means mean to denigrate his moral character — but he’s going to be looking to justify his role. He’s going to go six ways to Sunday; it’s going to be like the old Whitewater investigation … I think that it’s really very, very serious and unsettling times, and there’s going to be great frustration on both sides — the extremists on both sides, with easy access to these killing weapons, assault rifles and so forth.”

Town hall meetings usually involve Congress members meeting and answering questions from the general public in their congressional districts. However, these meetings have become quite heated in recent months, especially for Republicans and conservatives, who are finding it increasingly difficult to defend policies that seem to be unpopular to liberals.

It is to be noted that Rivera isn’t the only person who has asked for town hall meetings to be suspended following the recent attack. Pennsylvania Republican Rep. Lou Barletta said on Thursday that he believes town hall meetings should be suspended for the time being.

“I’ve been at the end of some of those town halls where the police had to carry people out and I get concerned not only for your own safety, but for the safety of the people who are there, who actually come to be heard and even if you have an opposing opinion, that’s great,” Barletta said on a radio show.

“These town halls I believe have just become targets for people to incite other people, and it’s not good,” Barletta added.

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Cabinet Meeting
An Administration of dedicated, and talented team players, led by Trump - the Democrat's worst nightmare!

President Donald Trump’s first full cabinet meeting on Monday wasn’t received too well by left-wing media outlets and progressive pundits who wasted no time in mocking cabinet members; calling them “sycophantic” and “obsequious” for praising the president and standing firmly by his side. However, as Rush Limbaugh noted in his radio show on Tuesday, progressives and left-wing pundits are actually devastated by how “authentic” and “genuine” Trump’s cabinet is.

“The Democrats think the Trump cabinet meeting was scripted, it was planned, probably rehearsed,” Limbaugh observed. “If you watch it, it was genuine, it was legitimate, it was improv, it was ad-lib. There were not people reading scripts. The laughter was genuine. You can’t fake that.”

“One other observation I made on the media reaction to the Trump cabinet meeting yesterday,” he said. “I think — and I’ve touched on this in an ancillary way, but I want to double back here and zero in on this. I think these people in the media — and, of course, their accomplices in the Democrat Party — when they hear Donald Trump addressed with respect by people that they don’t consider to be Trump-like.”

“I mean, some of the people in the cabinet Democrats have previously associated with them, respected them,” he explained. “Like Rex Tillerson, Rick Perry. There’s any number of Trump cabinet members that the Democrats and the media have long found okay. But to hear them addressing Trump with such respect, the same kind of respect they gave Obama (very, very important), I think it just shattered them. It is so far out of their experience.”

“The media immediately thought that they were looking at Jim Jones and the cult or at North Korea,” he continued, “because they can’t fathom anybody respecting Trump. It just doesn’t compute. They don’t.”

“It’s kind of like Jimmy Carter’s reaction to the Nixon funeral,” he added, “when he heard all of these people just praising Richard Nixon. Carter didn’t understand it! Neither did his wife, Rosalyn. I think it sent them for a loop yesterday.”

“All they know is vicious hatred,” Limbaugh concluded. “They’re swimming in it, and to see Trump respected and treated with respect the way they treated Obama? I think it sent them in an all-new downward spiral.”

In the cabinet meeting, Trump went on to praise himself and his achievements as the president, saying, “Never has there been a president….with few exceptions…who’s passed more legislation, who’s done more things than I have.”

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Oval Office
The President has a job to do - enough of the Democrat's crazy conspiracy theories!

Conservative journalist Charles Krauthammer excoriated people who still strongly believe in the Russian collusion and interference theory. Talking to Fox News on Tuesday, Krauthammer said that Attorney General Jeff Sessions exposed the ridiculousness of the theory behind the Russian collusion allegations and put up a strong stance against his accusers at the Senate Intelligence Committee hearing.

“I think helped himself a lot,” Krauthammer explained. “He basically uncovered, or exposed the absurdity of this whole exercise.”

“I mean this is supposed to be about Russian meddling in our election,” he explained. “That wasn’t even in an issue. Then it was supposed to be about the collusion.”

“There’s not an ounce of evidence,” he said, “I’m open to empirical evidence, I used to be a doctor. You show me the facts, I’m willing to change my opinion. You know this has been investigated for seven months. There have been leaks like the Titanic, and yet has there been any leak of anything implicating the president in the collusion with the Russians? No.”

“And trying to tag it on Sessions is even more absurd,” he added. “I mean the man says and I think he was right in saying, that the big charge against him came from what was clear innuendo from the Comey testimony, where he implied there was something nefarious that he could not discuss in public, that would have forced a recusal of the attorney general on the Russia case.”

“Of course,” he continued, “the story that was then leaked from the closed session where Comey was, the third meeting, which is exposed as a ridiculous charge. All of us have been at receptions where you meet two dozen people. You can’t remember half of them, and he says, which is quite likely, he had no interaction at all. And if he had any interaction, it would have been brief, completely inconsequential, and forgettable.”

“So where’s the charge?” Krauthammer concluded. “Where’s the crime?”

“Lordy, I’m not a fan of Donald Trump,” Krauthammer said, referring to his former opposition to the candidacy of Donald Trump in the primaries.

“But this seems to me to be a case of all smoke, no fire,” he explained. “Yes, it all looks like this is a coverup, but where’s the crime? It’s the first coverup in history in absence of a crime.”

“You show me the crime,” he challenged, “I will admit it. But show it to me. And going after Sessions, is simply a way to go after Trump.”

“I think, look, he won, fair and square,” Krauthammer continued. “He’s elected, he’s the president. You don’t like it? Then you vote them out of office next time around. But the idea that there’s this kinda of obligation to bring him down to actually build a case for impeachment after three four months is absurd.”

“And I think it’s sort of un-American,” he added. “If he commits high crimes and misdemeanors, yes, but show me. Show me the evidence and I think this is just a sideshow of a sideshow. They’re going up tributaries to try to find anybody who can be condemned.”

“I thought Sessions did a very good job fending off all of these charges,” he concluded. “Where is the evidence of obstruction? I don’t see it.”

Krauthammer was known to be a staunch critic of Trump during the primaries. He was quite vocal of his opposition to Trump and even elicited a few tweets from the latter. However, the veteran journalist has since then tried to defend the president against the unfair treatment of the media and Democrats.

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Will Trump Testify
"How many times do I have to walk you guys through this?"

On Sunday, Senator Jack Reed (D-R.I.), while talking to Chris Wallace of Fox News’ “Fox News Sunday,” said that President Trump shouldn’t be giving any testimonies to the Congress as it could create issues of separation-of-powers.

During the interview, Reed said that if Trump is actually questioned by Congress, it will go on to “raise the issue of separation of powers.”

“That raises the issue of separation of powers, frankly,” Reed said. “At that point, history would suggest that’s not done often.”

“The special prosecutor, Mr. Mueller, is charged to conduct this investigation, and I believe he’s the appropriate person to conduct this investigation,” Reed said.

However, it is to be noted that Reed’s pretty straightforward statement may be much more complex than it seems. If the congress gets Trump to testify under oath, they could force him to answer all kinds of questions by congressmen, some on whom may be tempted to take down the president. Furthermore, if Trump falters on even one of the statements, he could be guilty of perjury.

The incident could also set a precedent in which Congress would expect any president to come before it and answer all their questions whenever they want. Obviously, this would give the Congress significant authority and power over the president, whose authority is to counter the legislative branch’s powers. Secondly, it’s the executive branch of the government that is in charge of conducting criminal investigations.

Nevertheless, Reed still wants Trump to testify, under oath. According to him, it would be better, and he hopes too, that Trump testifies under oath, but instead of the Congress, it should special prosecutor Robert Mueller who should do the questioning.

“The American people deserve to hear directly from this President, under oath, about his charges with respect to Mr. Comey,” Reed said. “President Trump must also be truthful about what he knows about Russian interference in the election, as well as General Flynn and Attorney General Sessions’ contacts with the Russians. The FBI and the special prosecutor are trying to connect the dots related to Russian meddling in our democracy. If the President wants to cooperate and speed the process along, he could testify under oath about what he knows.”

In a press conference on Friday, Trump claimed he is “100 percent” willing to testify under oath to refute some of the claims made by former FBI Director Comey on Thursday.

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Come on Kellyanne, drop the grenade.

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson talked about the incident that happened with President Trump’s counselor Kellyanne Conway on the show Wednesday and said that he thinks that the Trump administration has become “a little chaotic.”

Talking to Matt Schlapp, the chairman of the American Conservative Union, Carlson said, “Kellyanne Conway was going to be sitting in that seat earlier tonight … we had booked her, at their request by the way, we don’t often have people from the administration on but they said we wanna send over Kellyanne Conway. Great.”

“Um, and then not long before air, they cancelled it, for reasons which weren’t exactly clear. Now I think a lot of the descriptions in the press about what’s going on at the White House are false, or they’re animated by the hate the press has for Trump, which is totally real.”

“But it does seem a little chaotic over there, I have to be honest with you,” he admitted.

“Yeah,” Schlapp agreed.

“Is it as chaotic as it seems?” he asked.

“I was over there today,” Schlapp answered, “it was like, whenever you get like inside the bubble, it gets so much more tranquil. People are just like doing their jobs, nobody’s running around.”

“I think if you take a step from their daily jobs,” Schlapp continued, “this is a lot on a White House staff. I mean this is more breaking news around an administration than we’ve seen in I dunno if we’ve ever seen it before. And I think that comes with a certain amount of stress on these folks.”

Carlson, went on to talk about how no one is working on editing President Trump’s “profoundly counterproductive” statements on Twitter, or keeping him away from writing messages that could in fact damage him politically and legally.

Schlapp responded back stating that President Trump supposedly believes that he is the best spokesman, and that likes being his own voice.

If Schlapp is even very little correct, then the Trump administration has a lot to fret over, especially since the deputy attorney general just named a special counsel to administer the investigation into the possibility of collusion between Russia and President Trump and his administration.

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Fox News host Sean Hannity showed more than just anger and frustration in the opening statement of his show on Wednesday, announcing that he and his team of lawyers are now looking forward to taking legal action against “liberal fascist” media outlets that smeared him all week. The issue at hand is the series of accusations made last Friday, by a blogger who alleges that he behaved inappropriately with her over a decade ago.

“In all seriousness, we are at a turning point,” Hannity began, “a huge turning point when it comes to freedom of speech in the United States of America. I, for one, I refuse to sit back and let conservatives be silenced by these liberal fascists, it’s time to take a stand.

“And as I have explained, I also have become a target of these slanderous attacks,” he continued. “And in my opinion, what happened last Friday, this was designed to be a ‘kill shot.’ In other words, to ruin my career, shut me down once and for all. Literally, I think they had the crosshairs at my head, and my heart, they wanted to destroy me, ruin my career, get me off the air, once and for all.

“Now on Friday, just two days after Bill O’Reilly parted ways with the Fox News channel,” Hannity added, “an individual with serious and glaring credibility issues fabricated completely untrue, ridiculous claims about me, I think going back to 2003, ’04 and ’05, which this person quickly recanted.

“Now instead of doing their job and fact-checking the accusations by this individual,” he said angrily, “by the way, easily proven to be false, liberal fascist journalists, lazy as they are, they saw an opportunity. ‘Oh, let’s get Hannity next, let’s silence his voice.’

“Now these are just two of the headlines of the many,” he continued, “that were used to try to take me down: NBC News, ‘Sean Hannity denies right-wing blogger’s sex harassment claim.’ By the way, none of them mentioned it was way back in the early 2000s. Raw Story, ‘Is Hannity next to fall? Fox Guest says anchor tried to pressure her into hotel room sex.’ By the way, she didn’t even say that, just as a sidebar issue.

“Now do these headlines represent the truth?” he asked rhetorically. “No. And so far, none of these outlets, interestingly, have updated their headlines to correct the story and tell their viewers, or their readers the truth. That this is a highly questionable individual who recanted these completely false claims.

“Now, I have hired a killer team of lawyers and investigators,” Hannity explained, “and we are laying out a war strategy that’s going to hold every media outlet that lies and smears me responsible. My lawyers are saying that these media outlets have a basic, fundamental obligation to do rudimentary fact-checking, instead of just taking the word of one individual, in my case they went for the cheap headline without even doing a simple, even a simple Google search which would have shown that this has gone on with this woman, false charges for years, that were proven false.

“Here’s the question,” he summed up, “is this reckless disregard for the truth? Do these media outlets, do they have a responsibility to do any fact-checking before they repeat such hurtful allegations?”

“Now in the end,” he concluded, “I may end up suing some of these outlets because at this point, enough is enough. These attempts to destroy and silence conservative voices it needs to stop or Fox News channel goes away, your favorite talk show hosts go away.”

In his defiant monologue, Hannity was referring to lawyer and blogger Debbie Schlussel who accused Hannity of asking her to join him at his hotel and following her refusal, he started blackballing her from his show. She justified her claims, saying that she wasn’t really accusing Hannity of any kind of sexual harassment but just that she found it quite “creepy.” She further said that she will be looking into countersuing Hannity for defamation.

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According to the latest reports, several sources disclosed to CNN on Thursday, that longtime host Bill O’Reilly is receiving tens of millions of dollars in severance pay.

While one source claimed that “it is a staggering amount,” another source gave the exact number of the alleged payout: an astonishing $25 million.

Neither O’Reilly now 21st Century Fox have confirmed a payout publicly, but it was known that O’Reilly signed a contract earlier in March, which reportedly amounted to $25 million a year. While the terms of the contract were not made public, sources claimed that the multi-year contract ran till the end of 2020.

CNN’s sources also said that even though Fox News’ contract included specific terms which gave them several “outs,” it still requires them to pay O’Reilly at least one year’s salary, the reason behind the $25 million figure.

Fox News released O’Reilly after immense pressure on some of the biggest advertisers to boycott his show slots after a series of sexual harassment allegations against him. After an investigation by The New York Times, the publication reported that it had found at least five women who claimed to have been victims of sexual harassment by O’Reilly. According to the New York Times, the amount paid out to these women, in exchange for their silence and an agreement to not pursue litigation, totaled to around $13 million.

Bill O’Reilly claimed that he had only put to rest controversies, to protect his family, while denying claims of sexual harassment. “Just like other prominent and controversial people, I’m vulnerable to lawsuits from individuals who want me to pay them to avoid negative publicity. In my more than 20 years at Fox News Channel, no one has ever filed a complaint about me with the Human Resources Department, even on the anonymous hotline.

But most importantly, I’m a father who cares deeply for my children and who would do anything to avoid hurting them in any way. And so I have put to rest any controversies to spare my children.

The worst part of my job is being a target for those who would harm me and my employer, the Fox News Channel. Those of us in the arena are constantly at risk, as are our families and children. My primary efforts will continue to be to put forth an honest TV program and to protect those close to me.”

According to a report by Media Matters, over 80 advertisers removed their ads from O’Reilly’s show to reassign them to another time slot.

For over a decade, “The O’Reilly Factor” was the highest-rated show on cable news, averaging 4 million viewers per night.

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They're crap cars anyway.

After a New York Times report on Saturday alleged that Bill O’Reilly and Fox News paid at least five women, an amount totaling $13 million, in exchange for their silence over sexual harassment, top advertisers started removing spots from O’Reilly’s show, ‘The O’Reilly Factor” on Fox News.

Mercedes-Benz, one of O’Reilly’s top advertisers, announced on Monday that it will not run any more commercials during the show and instead “reassigned” its advertisements to other Fox News spots.

“Yes, we had advertising running on ‘The O’Reilly Factor’ (we run on most major cable news shows) and it has been reassigned in the midst of this controversy,” Donna Boland, Mercedes-Benz corporate communications manager, said in a statement. “The allegations are disturbing and, given the importance of women in every aspect of our business, we don’t feel this is a good environment in which to advertise our products right now.”

Following Mercedes-Benz’s decision to pull off advertisements, 10 more advertisers have refused to be associated with Bill O’Reilly’s show. Advertisers including BMW, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, GSK, Sanofi, Constant Contact, Untuckit, Ainsworth Pet Nutrition, Allstate insurance agency, and T. Rowe Price, an asset management firm, confirmed that they will not be placing any ads during O’Reilly’s show.

A spokesperson for Hyundai told CNN that while it does not currently have any spots on O’Reilly’s show, following the “recent and disturbing allegations,” it has reversed its decision to run any commercials in the near future.

None of the 11 companies have withdrawn their money from Fox News. They have only decided to not run their ads during the 8-9 PM EST time slot, when O’Reilly’s show airs.

“We value our partners and are working with them to address their current concerns about the O’Reilly Factor. At this time, the ad buys of those clients have been re-expressed into other FNC programs,” said Paul Rittenberg, an executive vice president at Fox News.

O’Reilly has defended himself in a statement, but seemed to admit to paying at least some of the claims.

“Just like other prominent and controversial people, I’m vulnerable to lawsuits from individuals who want me to pay them to avoid negative publicity. In my more than 20 years at Fox News Channel, no one has ever filed a complaint about me with the Human Resources Department, even on the anonymous hotline.

But most importantly, I’m a father who cares deeply for my children and who would do anything to avoid hurting them in any way. And so I have put to rest any controversies to spare my children.

The worst part of my job is being a target for those who would harm me and my employer, the Fox News Channel. Those of us in the arena are constantly at risk, as are our families and children. My primary efforts will continue to be to put forth an honest TV program and to protect those close to me.”

For over a decade, “The O’Reilly Factor” has been the most-watched news show. Recent data published by TVNewser shows that O’Reilly’s 8 PM show on last Thursday garnered about 3.27 million views, beating CNN’s “AC360” which attracted around 2 million views.

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Fox fans may remember Juliet Huddy, the 47 year-old former Fox News host whose bubbly personality was a common bright spot on Bill O’Reilly’s, The O’Reilly Factor.

The news host abruptly resigned in September of last year from her spot on a New York Fox News affiliate.

She had previously been at the Fox News Network as she is the goddaughter of former Fox News titan Roger Ailes.

Recently leaked documents showed that Huddy alleged advances made by Bill O’Reilly at his home. When she rebuffed the 67 year-old media star, Juliet Huddy claims she was essentially demoted and pushed off of the network to a local affiliate.

After sending an “intent to sue” letter, the blonde news reader quickly received a settlement of “several hundred thousand dollars.”

The settlement came around the same time former Fox News host Gretchen Carlson received a $20 million settlement from the network to bury her sexual harassment allegations.

Fox News, since inception, is known for hiring attractive young blonde women to grace the screens for their viewers.

But their policy of putting looks over substance has backfired in recent years costing the network over $21 million in settlement funds alone.

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