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Learning To Weld
We will make American manufacturing great again, one technical school at a time!

This Saturday, on Fox’s “Justice with Judge Jeanine,” the White House counselor Kellyanne Conway stressed upon the importance of workforce development to be made available at technical colleges. “Not everyone is college material,” Conway said to the show’s host Jeanine Pirro.

“Not everyone has to graduate from a four year college with a mountain of debt and very few prospects,” she said.

Conway, made use of her presence at the show to talk about the trip that President Trump and his daughter Ivanka Trump will be taking for ‘Workforce Development Week,’ in Wisconsin.

“They’ll be going there to talk at a technical college and really see what’s going on there and get some best practices as Ivanka’s been doing for these roundtables and these listening sessions,” Conway said.

Conway talked about president visiting a technical college, whilst being accompanied by Gov. Scott Walker (R) and Secretary of Labor Alex Acosta.

“This involvement in workforce development means that if people want a vocational educational — technical educational — skills certificate they should have access to that,” Conway said.

“People are saying, ‘Look, if you are in a skills-certificate program, you can graduate and be employable — welders, carpenters, plumbers, hair dressers.’ We need to value that. We need to value that in our country and Ivanka Trump and her father will be out there doing that,” she added.

Pirro was noted replying, “I think that was one of the reasons the president was elected.”

Conway made perfect use of the platform to indicate that this approach – to promote technical schools – is rather different from anything that any of the previous governments had taken under account. She further talked about the importance of skilled-certificate programs that can help the people in the United Stated to be “employable.”

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Nora O’Donnell interviewed Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway for CBS Sunday Morning for a 13 minutes segment focused solely on her.

It is common in politics for advisors and employees like Conway to avoid the personal limelight, especially when they are the subjects of controversy.

Kellyanne has arguably been the subject of constant controversy due to misstatements, odd statements, and contradictions.

Kellyanne, who ran a SuperPAC for Ted Cruz before switching teams, was a strong critic of Trump before agreeing to serve as an advisor to his campaign on “women’s issues.”

Conway has been praised by Trump for her willingness to “go into any den” and is apt at dealing with the hostile media.

But her acumen at dealing with the corporate media has also worked against her as she is now a common focus of their scrutiny.

Watch the video above and comment below.

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Kellyanne Conway is the first woman campaign manager to ever lead a presidential campaign to victory . She broke a glass ceiling in politics, and is now one of Trump’s closest advisors in the White House.

Conway has also become one of the most frustrating people for the corporate media to interview, because she rarely answers a question. See how Vox describes the media’s challenge with Conway.

There is no doubt that Conway is very skilled at deflecting and standing up to the corporate media. Just last week she told us that Michael Flynn was the right person for the job, but he resigned today. But is her interview misdirection and falsehoods causing people not to trust her?

Do you trust Kellyanne Conway?

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From Saturday Night to the deepest crevices of the interwebs, the Left in obsessed with Trump campaign manager and now, advisor, Kellyanne Conway.

Conway, who led the gender-centric polling company, The Polling Company/Woman Trend, has been beat up, bashed, and generally hounded for every stumble she has made, publically or otherwise.

Her “Alternative Facts” line is the latest rib the Left has latched on to, and it looks like at least YouTube viewers are laughing along.

See the video above for the latest video trending in the top 10 of all videos today on YouTube.

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After being covered in repeated weeks of Saturday Night Live, in not so flattering skits, Kellyanne Conway has reached celebrity status to the point she is now a guest on late night broadcast shows.

Yesterday, Trump’s campaign manager, and the first female to win in that position, appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers.

Right out of the gate, Seth Meyers brought up the fake news report of Russia’s “golden shower” scandal, but Conway handled it with class.

Watch the video above.

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