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Maxine Waters
Mad Maxine: Furious Allegations... coming to a theater near you.

As the Democrats continue to criticize Trump for his use of Twitter to discuss sensitive issues, it is important that they start taking a look at one of their own.

Maxine Waters continues to promote her agenda against impeaching President Trump, as she tries to take a stab at White House press secretary, Sean Spicer.

Waters tweeted on Friday stating, “Has anyone checked on Sean Spicer?”

However, the tweet backfired as Spicer didn’t hold back on his change to highlight Waters’ special position as “one of the most corrupt politicians.”

Spicer tweeted back, “Just reading about how you were named one of the most corrupt politicians in DC. Congrats!” in response to Water’s failed attempt to let down President Trump and his administration.

Despite being labelled as the most corrupt House member by both the conservative and the liberals group, Waters has been on President Trump’s case since the beginning of time, and has been failing her every attempt in trying to persuade Americans to impeach Trump. She stated that she is ready to take “the gloves off” and fight against Trump who is supposedly “a bully and dangerous for this country.”

“Trump was just so outrageous, so disrespectful, such a bully and dangerous for this country, I decided, ‘You know what? I’m taking the gloves off and I’m going to step out,’” Ms. Waters said. “I was going to not only challenge him but encourage others to see him for what he is: basically a bully, an egotistical maniac, a liar and someone who did not need to be president.”

Waters stated that President Trump is a “disgusting, poor excuse of a man.” She has called Mr. Trump and his administration “the Kremlin Klan.”

She went on to state that President Trump should be impeached and be charged with “obstruction of justice” for his role in Comey’s case. “This president needs to be impeached! I believe that,” Waters stated in May.

She even campaigned hard arguing that “I don’t respect this president. I don’t trust this president. He’s not working in the best interests of the American people. His motives and his actions are contemptible,” “I will fight every day until he is impeached,” Waters had reportedly stated. “Impeach 45! Impeach 45! Impeach 45!”

However, with the ongoing case against Trump Jr. and his meeting with the Russians, Waters believes that she can gain popularity on social media.

In a series of tweets on Tuesday night, Waters called on her party to not let Trump Jr. “off the hook.”

“At this point, the [New York Times] could release Trump leaving a voice message thanking Putin for his services and GOP would still say ‘nothing burger,”” she wrote.

“Don’t let Trump Jr off the hook. Emails show his willingness to get info from Russia to influence election,” the California Democrat added. “He is in a long line of LIARS.”

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"Look Bibi, this is not joke. If I stay off of twitter for more than an hour, my hands shake."

The Knight First Amendment Institute sent a letter to President Donald Trump, demanding him to unblock dissenting Twitter users, as according to them, this violates the First Amendment.

President Trump’s Twitter account, the @realDonaldTrump has supposedly blocked quite a sum of users that had replied to the president’s tweets with rather mocking, disagreeing and criticizing comments, as indicated by a letter sent to the White House, by the free speech group.

“This Twitter account,” the institute wrote, “operates as a ‘designated public forum’ for First Amendment purposes, and accordingly the viewpoint-based blocking of our clients is unconstitutional.

“We ask that you unblock them and any others who have been blocked for similar reasons,” the letter requested.

The institute, a brand of the much larger Knight Foundation is said to be representing two Twitter users: Holly O’Reilly, @AynRandPaulRyan, and Joseph M. Papp, @joepabike, both of whom were blocked by the president’s Twitter account.

“This Twitter account,” the institute wrote, “operates as a ‘designated public forum’ for First Amendment purposes, and accordingly the viewpoint-based blocking of our clients is unconstitutional.”

“We ask that you unblock them and any others who have been blocked for similar reasons,” the letter requested.

The institute’s senior staff attorney, Alex Abdo argued that Twitter is very much similar to a town hall or a public forum. Katie Fallow, a senior fellow at the institute, backed the argument by highlighting a case called Davison v. Loudoun County.

In that particular case, the plaintiff, Brain Davison had argued that by deleting a post from a Facebook page maintained by a county supervisor in Loudoun County, Virginia, violated his First Amendment rights. The court had sided with Davison and ruled that the Loudon County cannot discriminate against or block people based on views.

Laurence Tribe, a Liberal Harvard Law School professor also claimed that Trump’s Twitter account is “a public forum subject to [First] Amendment anti-blocking principles.”

While, the First Amendment only protects the right to speak, not the right to be heard. When you block someone on Twitter, unlike Facebook, it doesn’t prevent anyone from posting anything, but rather means that the president won’t be able to read the posts.

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On Tuesday, President Donald Trump reportedly fired FBI Director James Comey and wasted absolutely no time to begin his search for a new FBI Director to take Comey’s place.

In a letter addressed to Comey, President Trump wrote:

“I have received the attached letters from the Attorney General and Deputy Attorney General of the United States recommending your dismissal as the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. I have accepted their recommendation and you are hereby terminated and removed from office, effective immediately. While I greatly appreciate you informing me, on three separate occasions that I am not under investigation, I nevertheless concur with the judgment of the Department of Justice that you are not able to effectively lead the Bureau. It is essential that we find new leadership for the FBI that restores public trust and confidence in its vital law enforcement mission. I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.”

This letter came almost as a surprise to not just Comey, but also to the public.

As a result of Comey’s firing, reactions from political figures surrounded Twitter:

“Comey Fired!!! Finally.” – Sean Hannity

“Pretty stunning that the deputy atty. general cites Comey’s mishandling of the Hillary emails investigation as the reason for his dismissal.” – Ashley Parker

“This is Nixonian. Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein must immediately appoint a special prosecutor to continue the Trump/Russia investigation.” – Senator Bob Casey

“Trump firing Comey shows how frightened the Admin is over Russia investigation” – Senator Tim Kaine

On the other hand, Republican Sen. of South Carolina, Lindsey Graham released a statement of his own, supporting the President’s decision.

“I know this was a difficult decision for all concerned. I appreciate Director Comey’s service to our nation in a variety of roles, said Graham. And added, “Given the recent controversies surrounding the director. I believe a fresh start will serve the FBI and the nation well. I encourage the President to select the most qualified professional available who will serve our nation’s interests.”

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Heritage foundation made the most of the time when liberal protestors stormed into their Washington, D.C. office this Tuesday. It was within 20 minutes that the protesters left. Following the event, Heritage Foundation took to Twitter using it as means to promote one of its policy papers.

It was just before noon on Tuesday that around 200 protesters marched into Heritage Foundation’s offices at the Capitol Hill. The protestors voiced their opposition and concerns about President Donald Trump’s proposed budget blueprint. Even though, the Congress has not yet voted on 2018 fiscal year budget, but is expected to do so by Friday night. It seems as very unlikely that the budget shall include funding for a southern border wall.

In their protest, the Liberal protestors were heard chanting “Water not walls,” in a video that was posted on Twitter by People’s Action, a liberal group that organized the protest. “Shut it down,” some protestors were heard shouting.

In another tweet, People’s Actions spoke about how they see the foundation as President Trump’s think tank. They stated, “We’re shutting it down at @Heritage because it continues to be @realDonaldTrump’s think tank. #RiseUp2017 #Budget4ThePeople”

The Heritage employees on the other hand, did not hesitate to fight back. They displayed signs stating “repeal Obamacare,” on their windows.

The Heritage took on to Twitter and used the protest to benefit their cause and promote their conservative agenda.

“Thank you @pplsaction for the opportunity to tell more people about our budget to tackle the $20 Trillion debt!” Heritage tweeted, along with a link to its proposed 2018 fiscal blueprint.

In a series of tweets the Heritage stated, “Today liberal activists stormed our offices to protest our Blueprint for Balance and our recommendations to the Trump administration.

“Heritage will not back down. We will keep fighting for a responsible budget, a pro-growth tax system, Obamacare repeal.. ”  the organization wrote and vowed to “not be bullied or silenced by staged protesters backed by progressive special interest groups connected to George Soros.”


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It's gonna take more than a hashtag . . . but that's cute.

Democratic Senator Ron Wyden (Ore.) attempted to get President Trump to disclose his tax return details by sending out a tweet to his followers, asking for 18 million retweets. However, he fell just short of his goal by almost 18 million.

Wyden sent out a tweet to Trump’s Twitter handle, asking, “If this gets 18 million retweets, will you release your tax returns?”

While it is unclear why Wyden would choose that number, one theory circulating on the social media micro-blogging site is that he wanted kill two birds with one stone, getting Trump to disclose details of his tax returns and receive free chicken nuggets for a year from Wendy’s, the popular fast-food restaurant chain.

The theory originates from last week’s famous tweet when a young man, Carter Wilkerson, tweeted to Wendy’s Twitter handle, asking how many retweets were required for unlimited chicken nuggets for a year.

As of now, Wyden has only managed to accumulate a little less than 13,000 retweets demanding Trump to disclose his tax details.

Wyden has, for quite some time now, attempted to get Trump to disclose his tax returns to the general public. He is scheduled to speak at the Tax March, this weekend, in Washington, where he will be joined by Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters (Calif.) to call for Trump to publicize his tax returns.

Since the beginning of his presidential campaign, Trump has repeatedly rejected calls to publicize his tax returns.

While Wyden may be able to attract a little more attention to get to his goal of 18 million retweets on Saturday, it is still unclear if Wendy’s will give him free chicken nuggets for a year.

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demands to hang

A professor at the Fresno State University is defending his comments on social media, after calling for President Donald Trump to be hanged.

History professor Lars Maischak wrote a number of outrageous tweets in February, which recently resurfaced and were reverberated on conservative media just last week. Maischak wrote in one tweet, “To save American democracy, Trump must hang.” In another tweet, he suggested that “justice” would only be served if two Republicans were hanged for every immigrant deported.

After the tweets resurfaced, the Daily Caller, Breitbart and other news outlets decried the professor’s inappropriate comments. Fresno State University then announced that Maischak’s statements were under review for potential violation of law.

“Professor Maischak’s personal views and commentary, with its inclusion of violent and threatening language, is obviously inconsistent with the core values of our University,” the university’s President Joseph Castro said in a statement.

However, Maischak has refused to back down from his stance. He provided a lengthy statement to back his position.

“I am appalled that the president of the university is allowing himself to be instrumentalized for a right-wing smear campaign,” he wrote.

“Specifically, the suggestion that I had made ‘potential direct threats of violence that may violate the law’ is unwarranted,” Maischak argued. “It constitutes an embrace by the university of the claims made by right-wing propaganda outlets.”

Maischak argued that it was “far-fetched” to comprehend his “Trump must hang” tweet as an invitation to assassinate the president.

“It is based on the assessment that the substantial continuity between Fascism and the present Republican Party makes it likely that the deeds of his government will be the subject of court proceedings, or even a tribunal akin to the Nuremburg Trials,” he insisted.

Maischak has been using Twitter to defend himself and his inflammatory tweets. The professor has also not hesitated from calling the Trump administration a “terror regime,” and has also slammed people who were critical of his remarks, as Fascists.

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Chris Cuomo

Chris Cuomo, the brother of New York governor Andrew Cuomo, attacked a father on Twitter who asked about his 12-year old daughter not wanting to see a grown man in the girls locker-room.

Things got really heated when Mark Dice, a conservative new commentator jumped in and defended the father.

Mark Dice is not someone you want to start a Twitter war with.

Reports are also coming in from the Washington Examiner that Chris Cuomo didn’t show up for his job at CNN on Friday.

What is going on at CNN? How can they complain about Trump’s Twitter rants when they have employees doing the same thing?

Thoughts? Comment below.

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James O’Keefe and Project Veritas released over 100 hours of audio (#CNNLeaks) that were recorded inside a CNN newsroom in 2009, but why isn’t the corporate media reporting on it?

The tapes cover a wide variety of topics and issues and a few have already surfaced that could be damaging.

CNN Leaks became the top story on Drudge within an hour, but the media outlet that the president calls “fake news” didn’t even have the story on the homepage.

Hunreds of people on Twitter are claiming that the social media giant is actually suppressing and censoring the hashtag #CNNLeaks from trending.

One user posted a screen shot of the trending topics and #CNNLeaks was number 10 despite having tens of thousands of more tweets than other higher ranked trending topics.

The corporate media has never been fair to James O’Keefe. It could be because he is breaking the stories that they are not investigating.

For example, while the corporate media was 100% focused on all the bad things surrounding Donald Trump’s inauguration, James O’Keefe and his team at Project Veritas investigated the DisruptJ20 protests which lead to three domestic terrorists being arrested.

Here is the official update from James O’Keefe and Project Veritas.

The work that James is doing is valuable and shouldn’t be dismissed so easily by the corporate media. More importantly, they shouldn’t actively try to suppress the information either.

Add your thoughts and comments below.

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WikiLeaks and Julian Assange were responsible for releasing the Podesta emails, DNC emails and effectively damaged the Hillary Clinton campaign and some thought it cost him his life.

Then in October, military activity was reported outside of his home inside the Ecuadorean embassy in London and Julian Assange was feared dead.

He went silent and was cut off from the Internet inside the embassy. Many feared his death.

Since then he has appeared on a few interviews, but some even showed evidence that Assange’s likeness was being digitally faked.

Some still hold out that Assange was either captured by secret government officials or killed.

Finally Assange answers the questions about his death on Twitter.

Assange has yet to appear in the window of the embassy as he has done in the past, but most skeptics have been convinced that Assange is alive.

Hopefully he can continue his work in exposing the corruption behind politicians around the world.

What are your thoughts on Assange?

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Late Monday night, Michael Flynn, turned in his resignation after not being honest with Mike Pence about a meeting with the Russian ambassador after leaked information was revealed.

In recent days news surfaced that Flynn spoke with Russian Ambassador Sergey I. Kislyak in December about sanctions between the two countries. The meeting took place weeks before Trump took office.

Flynn denied the meeting with the ambassador was over any important matters, but it turns out that that wasn’t the truth.

Earlier on Monday a former administration official contradicted the story. He said that the Department of Justice warned the Trump administration about the meeting and suggested that Russia might be able to use the meeting as blackmail in the future.

In Flynn’s resignation letter he admitted to “inadvertently” lying about his meetings and said he was sorry to the president.

“I have sincerely apologized to the president and the vice president, and they have accepted my apology.”

The anti-Trump movement is rejoicing that one of Trump’s most controversial picks is now out, but that isn’t enough for Keith Olbermann.

Trump has been uncharacteristically silent on Twitter since the announcement. His only tweet questioned the leaks that are plaguing the Trump administration.

The silver lining in the resignation could be Trump’s willingness to cut people that are not honest with him. One other benefit might be Trump’s silence on Twitter.

Thoughts? Comment below.

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