Video: 71-Year Old Man Put In Hospital By Thugs

Video: 71-Year Old Man Put In Hospital By Thugs

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A 71-year old Chicago man was watering his lawn when two thugs on bike came riding by. What they did next is horrible.

This is life in Chicago.

A 71-year old man, Fred Laguardia was shot while he was watering his lawn after refusing to give up his wallet.

Warning: The video is graphic.

The man can be seen getting up after he was shot and getting his phone to call for help. He even made it to a neighbor’s to see if anyone was there.

The man made it to the hospital thanks to some park workers that drove him to the hospital and is recovering from his gunshot wound to the stomach.

The police are investigating the crime, but they do not have any suspects in custody.

Chicago is on pace to have one of the worst years on record for violent crimes and homicides.

Living in Chicago, you can get shot just for watering your lawn.

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